Formal apology from Genealogy Wise

Today came a formal apology from Paul Allen, CEO of Genealogy Wise, to Terry Thornton. Terry was the user who was the center of the “censorship” issues that I blogged about yesterday. In that post I did mention my respect for Paul Allen and his contribution to both the genealogy and social communities. In a very admirable move Paul apologized for the mistakes that happened and Terry accepted the apology.

You can read Paul’s apology and Terry’s acceptance here on Paul’s own blog

Bravo Paul and Terry both. You are both good men trying to make the community better. Thank You!

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3 Responses to “Formal apology from Genealogy Wise”

  1. Thomas MacEntee Says:

    I agree Dusty – I am very happy there was a meeting of the minds not only between Paul Allen and Terry Thornton but also among all the genealogy community with their input on censorship over at Genealogy Wise.

    Thomas MacEntee

  2. The Family Curator Says:

    So, here you are Dusty! Thanks for the FF on Twitter. I like your site and what you are writing. Nice round-up of the genea-news. Keep it up.

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