Genealogy books for half price?

Just after I wrote my last post about a genealogy study program, I remembered how awesome and have been for my genealogy research in the past. I have a bad habit of craving books that I find mentioned in people’s sourcing. Whenever the book might have details about my family I want them. I have a pretty good shelf full of books I have gotten this way.

From the wonderful book I found on Ebay.

Recently, I was down at the Family History Library in downtown Salt lake City, I came across a book about my Johnson family line. Researching a surname like Johnson can drive you batty! So I welcome anything that helps me narrow down the Johnson relatives I am actually related to. The book was about Otto Emerick Johnson and his descendants. Well gosh, Otto Emerick Johnson is my Great Great Great Grandfather. The book was amazing and had so many great details about the family. This picture is of Otto, I had never seen it before. Priceless to me!

But how on earth was I going to find my own personal copy for this wonderful treasure? I came right home and I got on Ebay. I found a copy of this locally published out of print personal family history. Somehow a copy had fallen into the hands of a little book shop and they listed it on Ebay. I paid less than $20 for the book and shipping. It is one of my favorite books I have purchased on Ebay.

After the post on a study program for genealogists, I wanted to dive right in and I thought I would hunt down a copy of Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy._ 3d ed., 2001. There it was waiting to be sent to a loving home. I spent under $15 for the book and shipping. I am always in the mood to save money so i can do more!

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3 Responses to “Genealogy books for half price?”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    May I ask what the title of the book is that you found about Otto Emerick Johnson and his descendants? I am also his descendant through his son Herman Alfred Johnson and Mary Matilda “Mae” Martindale Johnson.

  2. John Caldwell Says:


    Otto Emerick Johnson is my great grandfather. Would be interested in the information you have collected.

    John Caldwell

  3. Kendrick Johnson Says:

    Hey, I am a descendant of Otto through Nephi Severine. I am a total novice and it would be really nice to get some of your info about Grandpa Otto. Let me know if I need to bribe you for help.

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