Genealogy Wise pulls contest

Genealogy Wise pulls their contest after membership out cry. I must admit I’m shocked, yet actually proud of them.

I think they are getting some good natural organic growth. I think contests are healthy, this one just needed to be structured a little better.

Stay tuned for more details…

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4 Responses to “Genealogy Wise pulls contest”

  1. Janet Hovorka Says:

    You can still enter ours. Doing our part to help the genealogy hobbyist on a budget. :-).

  2. Dusty Says:


    I am a member of you GW and your FB group. I am already hoping to win I need some seriously cool charts. Anything else I have to do to be eligible to win?

  3. Janet Hovorka Says:

    Nope you are good. I’ll try to swing the contest for you. (Just kidding.) But good luck.

  4. Thomas MacEntee Says:

    I think I shall call for an audit of Janet’s contest . . . that is if I don’t win a prize! LOL!

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