Genealogy Wise?

OK, I gave into peer pressure and signed up for Genealogy Wise, the new Social network for genealogists. I gave a brief protest when I first heard about it. I didn’t want to sign up for yet again another social network. You can follow me on twitter, You can be my friend on Facebook, heck you an even try to hook up with me on Myspace. I belong to more… but as I am listing them I am starting to wonder if I have a life offline?

So seriously, do I need another social network to try to keep up with? I’ll be honest, the jury is out. I signed up for Genealogy Wise, you can find my profile at and you can be my friend there as well. I’ll hang out there for a few weeks and see if its a worth while tool that I recommend for anyone else to get involved with.

Stay tuned…

Visit Genealogy Wise

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