So you think you are a genealogist?

So you think you are a genealogist? I think we should start a reality show by the same name. If someone reading this has connections to do it, I’ll be the host. 😉 So, do you call yourself a genealogist? What makes you think you qualify? I read a blog post a few days ago that sent me back down to the minor leagues. Randy Seaver over at posted a study program for genealogists.

He posted a list of items for you to study to sharpen your genealogy saw. They were originally posted by Elizabeth Shown Mills as a 10-point blueprint that would provide solid grounding and enhanced skills for any genealogist. You can see the list on the Transitional Genealogist Forum mailing list here.

So after I read the list I realized I was a total amateur. I get caught up with all the great online resources and I don’t spend a lot of time on traditional offline resources. I am going to start taking time to study through items on this list. I will start with the free resource she mentions, The bcg certification site.
You can read all the “Skillbuilding” articles, study all the work samples, and do the “Test Your Skills” module at the Board for Certification of Genealogists

That should keep you busy for a while. So when you have spare time, pick up a book and make yourself a better genealogist!

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3 Responses to “So you think you are a genealogist?”

  1. footnoteMaven Says:

    First, I have a law degree, so citation and research have never been problems for me. But, when I started to research my family I felt I needed more.

    First, I took the nine month University of Washington course in Genealogy and Family History. Fabulous! Then I attended the Museum of History and Industry’s Nearby History writing course, twice.

    I read 10 genealogy magazines per month and attend as many advanced seminars as possible.

    Even then I call myself a family historian. Not certain if I am a genealogist.

  2. Dusty Says:

    See, you are amazing! A lot of people don’t put that kind of dedication into it. Citation is one place I think i will always be able to improve. I like the term “family historian”. You are so modest!

    Thank you for the comment.

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