The return of Terry Thorton

If you are like many who trace roots in the state of Mississippi, you may have run across the blogs of Terry Thorton. He has a great writing style and provides some wonderful content. Back in July some unfortunate events took place over at the Genealogy Wise website.  I blogged about the whoe thing being professionally patched up back on July 17th post titled “Formal apology from Genealogy Wise“. The whole thing kept bilding up even outside the GW site until it eventually led to Terry removing all of his wonderful blogs.

Imagine how excited I was this weekend to get en email from Terry letting me know that he is making a return to the blogging world! In his email he said, “The new version of Hill Country is called Terry Thornton’s Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi and is accessible through links at HILL COUNTRY H.O.G.S. WEBPRESS. The url for the HC HOGS WebPress is
So spread the word that Terry is back! Welcome back sir!

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One Response to “The return of Terry Thorton”

  1. Terry Thornton Says:

    Thanks, Dusty, for the kind words and the mention. I am looking forward to a return to writing and publishing about the Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi.

    Terry Thornton
    Fulton, Mississippi

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