Tombstone Tuesday – Sylvester Henry Earl

Sylvester Henry Earl's Headstone

Sylvester Henry Earl front of headstone

Sylvester Henry Earl - back of headstone

Sylvester Henry Earl back of headstone

Sylvester Henry Earl was born on 16 Aug 1815 in Scioto County, Ohio, USA. He died 23 July 1873 Middleton, Emery, Utah, USA. He is my great great great grandfather. He was a Mormon Pioneer and was part of the original party to enter the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. After several years he and his family were asked to go settle St. George in Southern Utah.

I went to visit his grave this last memorial day down in St. George. It was a great memorial day to visit graves of other ancestors I usually don’t get around to.

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2 Responses to “Tombstone Tuesday – Sylvester Henry Earl”

  1. Michael Hannon Says:

    Hi, I was just researching Silvester Henry online because I’m selling Original steel engraving plates that I bought at an estate sale a while back and I came upon this page. Thought you might be intrigued by this and was wondering if you could verify the engraving so I may have some provenance? If you want to see the engraving it’s on my Ebay site. You can find me under my sellers name “hangfirepro”. If not you could just reply to this email. I’m not trying to sell you anything or scam you, I just think this is interesting and felt you moght feel the same Thanx and have a great day! Michael Hannon

  2. Dusty Says:


    I am intrigued by this. I looked at your items and did not see anything about Sylvester Henry Earl on your Ebay items. I would like to see what you have that may relate to him.

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