Calling friends to help my son win a contest

OK, So this isn’t a genealogy post. But I am posting anyway to get my rusty fingers used to blogging again. This one is more about my descendants than my ancestors.

Can I ask friends to help my son Win something? If you would please go to and become a fan of the mountain west. Then go to and click on the “like” button under my son’s picture. He is the one in the Utes shirt and the white hat! Help him win please. THANK YOU!

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The return of Terry Thorton

If you are like many who trace roots in the state of Mississippi, you may have run across the blogs of Terry Thorton. He has a great writing style and provides some wonderful content. Back in July some unfortunate events took place over at the Genealogy Wise website.  I blogged about the whoe thing being […]

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My trip to the Salt Lake Family History Expo

Well I took some time this weekend to go down to the Salt Lake Family History Expo in Sandy, Utah. I am so glad I did. This event, like all others done by Family History Expos, was a pleasure to attend. Holly, Kimberly and Janene (and the rest of the crew) always work hard to […]

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World Vital Records Subscription for 50% Off

OK, So if you are always on the record hunt like me, you have probably looked at Word Vital Records. I have been a subscriber to a few different sites for a while, I’m not a snob, I’ll take records wherever i can get them. I will admit I have always been shy of paying […]

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Salt Lake Family History Expo News

Personally, I am really excited about the Family History Expo coming to Sandy, Utah. It is just a tad south of Salt Lake City and really close to a lot of great research resources. Family History Expos ( ) is one of my favorite groups that puts on the genealogy conferences. I have been […]

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Attending the BYU genealogy conference

I stopped into the BYU genealogy conference for today only. It is a four day conference. It starts today and runs through Friday. I always love coming to the conferences and making new friends. The classes always teach me something new. Today when I came in, they even scanned me for the swine flu just […]

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Formal apology from Genealogy Wise

Today came a formal apology from Paul Allen, CEO of Genealogy Wise, to Terry Thornton. Terry was the user who was the center of the “censorship” issues that I blogged about yesterday. In that post I did mention my respect for Paul Allen and his contribution to both the genealogy and social communities. In a […]

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Last day for Generation Maps Contest

Janet Hovorka, the Chart Chick, over at Generation maps is running a great contest through 5pm (not sure what time zone) today. She is giving away 1 $25 gift certificate for a person drawn from her Facebook group, and 1 $25 gift certificate drawn from her Genealogywise group. Even more exciting, tomorrow at 5pm she’ll […]

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Genealogy Wise pulls contest

Genealogy Wise pulls their contest after membership out cry. I must admit I’m shocked, yet actually proud of them. I think they are getting some good natural organic growth. I think contests are healthy, this one just needed to be structured a little better. Stay tuned for more details…

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Genealogy Wise follow up

So I have been on Genealogy Wise for a week now. They are celebrating their one week birthday. As with any new site they have had some growing pains. Some I understand, some have been down right irritating. I have to say so far though I have been enjoying the community. Once I configured my […]

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