Genealogy books for half price?

Just after I wrote my last post about a genealogy study program, I remembered how awesome and have been for my genealogy research in the past. I have a bad habit of craving books that I find mentioned in people’s sourcing. Whenever the book might have details about my family I want them. I have a pretty good shelf full of books I have gotten this way.

From the wonderful book I found on Ebay.

Recently, I was down at the Family History Library in downtown Salt lake City, I came across a book about my Johnson family line. Researching a surname like Johnson can drive you batty! So I welcome anything that helps me narrow down the Johnson relatives I am actually related to. The book was about Otto Emerick Johnson and his descendants. Well gosh, Otto Emerick Johnson is my Great Great Great Grandfather. The book was amazing and had so many great details about the family. This picture is of Otto, I had never seen it before. Priceless to me!

But how on earth was I going to find my own personal copy for this wonderful treasure? I came right home and I got on Ebay. I found a copy of this locally published out of print personal family history. Somehow a copy had fallen into the hands of a little book shop and they listed it on Ebay. I paid less than $20 for the book and shipping. It is one of my favorite books I have purchased on Ebay.

After the post on a study program for genealogists, I wanted to dive right in and I thought I would hunt down a copy of Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy._ 3d ed., 2001. There it was waiting to be sent to a loving home. I spent under $15 for the book and shipping. I am always in the mood to save money so i can do more!

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So you think you are a genealogist?

So you think you are a genealogist? I think we should start a reality show by the same name. If someone reading this has connections to do it, I’ll be the host. 😉 So, do you call yourself a genealogist? What makes you think you qualify? I read a blog post a few days ago […]

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Genealogy Wise?

OK, I gave into peer pressure and signed up for Genealogy Wise, the new Social network for genealogists. I gave a brief protest when I first heard about it. I didn’t want to sign up for yet again another social network. You can follow me on twitter, You can be my friend on Facebook, heck […]

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Dig up the church records – Part 2

OK, so in the last post on church records, we talked about how to figure out what religious affiliation your ancestors may have had. I hope you have dug  something up. Now that you have figured out their religion keep the following in mind. A lot of the religious groups kept pretty extensive records; others […]

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Dig up the church records – Part 1

Were you ancestors a religious bunch? If so, we can thank the churches for providing us many clues to who these people were. You can find many rich clues here. Births, Christenings, Marriages, Deaths, Burials in the church cemetery. You may find your ancestors held positions in the church or maybe they donated land to […]

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Happy Birthday America

I love the fourth of July. I usually get a paid day off work, I can generally get some good BBQ and I get to spend some time telling the rest of the family about our genealogy. They range from excited to just polite listeners. I hope sometime to get someone interested enough to come […]

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My new soapbox

Welcome to my new blog! I am a genealogy nut and a Product Manager in the genealogy industry. I spend A LOT of time looking at new toys and tools for genealogists. I also spend my spare time dreaming up new things that I would like to make my life easier. I am also fairly […]

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